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Our Quality Endeavour & ISO 9001 Accreditation

We are committed to raise the benchmark of professionalism in the industry through our comprehensive quality mechanism. Quality being an essential prerequisite of any concreting operation, it has become our main guiding force at every stage.
  • ISO 9001 accreditation from ICMQ with our adherence to total quality management (TQM).
  • We ensure our products comply with durability, workability and strength to meet your specific requirements.
  • Centralized lab equipped with modern testing apparatus and state-of-the-art technology to meet international quality standards.
  • Routine testing of all raw materials of concrete, coarse aggregates, sand, cement, water and admixtures, is done in the laboratory.
  • Fresh concrete is tested as it is dispatched.
  • Emphasis is also placed on cost effectiveness, enhanced safety, durability and simplicity of all quality control measures.